I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? by Nolan Natasha (review)

This is an OK tiny book of poetry. It’s cozy and comfortable. Think along the lines of “tangled in bedsheets and your soggy feet”. The word “sheets” (as in bed/hotel) is literally used at least five times. Also, we’re talking Canadiana to the point of a poem written from the perspective of someone watching their lover shovel snow (one of the better poems). Cross-country poetry. These Stephen Marche quotes are somewhat relevant:

“She also represents most fully the Canadian obsession with the landscape. It’s the great cliché of Canadian culture, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. There has never been a great portraitist in the history of Canadian art. Landscapes are everywhere.”

“The ‘imaginative problem’ of Canadian literature is always the setting. We are afflicted with the portraits of small towns, the portraits of farm life, the portraits of Maritime rivers, the portraits of the prairie. Landscape intrudes into even the most domestic of narratives.”

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