How Long Gone: Cool Brands & Cringe Brands

Cool Brands

Le Crueset, Venmo, Tesla, Alison Roman, Caroline Calloway, Puffin Cereal, Rimowa, Globetrotter, Stussy, sweetgreen, Kacey Musgraves, Barry’s, Grailed, Converse, The Smiths, Dua Lipa, Drake, Diplo, Tyler Brûlé, Erewhon, Suki Waterhouse, Oasis, GQ, President’s Choice, Uniqlo etc.

Cringe Brands

Outdoor Voices, Joe Rogan, Chrissy Teigen, Patreon, Stevia, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Chris D’Elia, Marc Maron, Criterion Collection, Death Cab for Cutie, Samsung, Miranda July, Community, Logan Paul, Next Door, Under Oath, Charlamagne tha God, J Cole, SUGARFISH, Deftones, Kendrick Lamar, Costco etc.

Ambiguous Brands (Hosts Divided, A Cool Brand Downgraded)

NIN, Nirvana, Marie Kondo, The Office, Louis CK, Mad Happy, Jerry Saltz, Morrissey, The Weeknd, Monocle etc.

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