Retail From Scratch in 2022

These are photos of a newly renovated storefront on Yonge St. in Toronto. I found it interesting to see an array of retail/tech features on display just before the outlet opens.

A list of some notable stuff:

  • Four self-serve payment kiosks in a very small location.
  • A street service window. Street service was very rare in downtown Toronto pre-pandemic but is getting more common.
  • Two standard Point of Sale setups (one of which is oriented to the street service window). If you add up all the “points of sale” that’s six in a small location.
  • Three security cameras covering the entrance area, including one on the exterior just aside from (and pointing at) the street service window.
  • A very cramped back area almost completely cut off by a counter. This implies a process whereby customers will place an order and be handed their products.

Based on a Google search this is an “Asian grocery store”. Job ads for the company desire Mandarin speakers.

Companies providing the features: Cisco, QuikServ (street service window) and globalpayments.